Blue Bell

Our Gorgeous blue teddy bear Blue Bell. True to type with generations of British Blue breeding in her blood lines. This lady is very special!! She has the most amazing kind personality and copper eyes, she will be having her first litter this year to one of our lovely Blue males. This photo was taken at 4 months old.  


Miss Mocha

What a delight to have a little chocolate kiss here. You can see our gorgeous Miss Mochas babies on our photo gallery. She will be teamed with Romeo again this year as her kittens were stunning from that combination, We had a rainbow of colours Lilac, Blue,Chocolate, Cinnamon and Black All stunning types, we very much look forward to her next litter in spring 2019 and 2020 litters will be available 



 Stunning Blue Plush lady. We are so lucky to have this girl. She won her first show in Spring Best Entire, Best British Shorthair then Supreme Exhibit. We look forward to this breeding season and some stunning blues for the 2019 and 2020 breeding season. She has many generations of exceptional breeding behind her.   



What can I say our gorgeous girl Crystal, true to type with an awesome personality, cobby body and green eyes to boot! Egerly awaiting this coming breeding season 


Lou Lou

Lightly marked silver Tabby

She is now a huge girl with a gentle soft temperament, loves a cuddle and a perfect mum. Breeds lovely true to type kittens, she will be paired with a stunning UK imported Silver tipped boy this year, her kittens will be available this year 2019 and 2020. 



Stunning Cobby Tabby Girl. Who may one day grow into her whiskers. Eagerly awaiting 2020 for her to be put to our Shaded Blue Golden Boy. How exciting. 


Long hair British

From time to time we have some long hair british, they are stunning. We may have some in Smoke and tipped this breeding season, interested parties, please call me as they are very sort after.